10 Charrettes Available Through Next Great Architects

10 Charrettes Available Through Next Great Architects

Our most requested charrette is our neighborhood design residency. It was our first charrette and remains the most popular. However, we have other charrettes that people should know about.  We have compiled a list of 10 charrettes available through Next Great Architects.

  1. Beautiful Birdhouses

Younger children design by decorating a birdhouse. Older children can design and build their own birdhouse. Creativity is encouraged through the decoration and design-build.

  1. Character Clubhouses

Children design a space for their favorite storybook character or super hero through model making and/or drawing. Client relation is key for this project. When they really understand who they are designing for, the better the design will be.

  1. Crafting Communities

Children design a home for the client of their choice and develop a neighborhood with the homes of their colleagues. The students can also build a model of their homes and witness the master plan of their community come to life. Children really start to understand the complexity of the neighborhood and how small details in one home connects with other homes in the community.

  1. Detail Dwellings

Children will be presented with two-dimensional rooms to space plan the furniture, finishes and equipment based on the chosen client. Scale is the primary objective with this project. Each item takes up space and movement throughout the space and furniture determines if the space is truly functional.

  1. Dictating Design

Children listen to a short story read by our facilitator and create a model of the setting based on the information they recall from the story. This allows them to sharpen their listening skills that are necessary for all architects.

  1. Entrepreneur Architects

Children design of their own “lemonade” stand through drawing and/or model making. Some children have designed stands for other entrepreneurship ideas, and we love it. Next Great Architects are always thinking outside of the box!

  1. Homeless Huts

Children design a tiny home for a homeless client which allows them to focus on the necessities of life. A local girl scout troop is to thank for this charrette. The girls not only engaged in architecture, but their consideration of those less fortunate than them gave them a better perspective of what is important.

  1. Sculpting Spaces

Children will build a model of a design based on given construction documents. This helps with focus and following instructions. The best designers are those that know how the design can be constructed. This charrette gives them the opportunity to see design from the execution phase.

  1. The Architect’s Arithmetic

Children design a home for the client of their choice and use their design and complete a detailed cost estimate. Math curriculum is reinforced as they will be calculating perimeters, areas and volumes. We also recognize the architects with the most cost effective and most expensive homes! This charrette was inspired by a math teacher that wanted her students to know that what she was teaching in class is something that is used in real life.

  1. Your Specialized Theme!

If you have a theme that you would like your children to focus on, we can create a customized charrette for you. Architecture influences EVERYTHING, so no need to worry if your personalized charrette can exist. IT CAN!

We look forward to all the ways we can introduce architecture to children. We also know that this list will continue to grow and that is beyond exciting!