5 Key Objectives for Our Charrettes

5 Key Objectives for Our Charrettes

Our mission is to introduce young people to architecture and nurture their development in the craft and creativity. One of the ways we do that is through our charrettes. Our most popular charrette is an eight-session residency of designing a neighborhood. Each student designs a home and the cohort brings all the homes together to create a neighborhood. The neighborhood comes to life when the students build a scale model of their home. Behind all the fun we have with design, each charrette has five key objectives that carry out our mission.

  1. Problem Solving

The first thing the students learn is that architecture is spatial problem solving. Each student uses the program to design the best solution. We guide them through analysis, research and conceptualization. Then, they take off with design development!

  1. Teamwork

Collaboration is what makes architecture great. The students work together to master plan the neighborhood before they begin designing their individual homes. Interior design and landscape architecture are also included in their design process via space planning and site planning. All the work they engage in is the reinforcement for the need for collaboration with other professionals. They also see how their designs are connected to their neighbors when the models come together.

  1. Public Speaking

No matter how great the design, the presentation can make or break a project. We work with the students through design while concurrently preparing for the final presentation of their projects. Our jury is comprised of their peers and parents. Our goal is to get them comfortable with public speaking and presenting their creativity.

  1. Graphic Communication

The student’s final presentation includes a 3D model and a presentation board with drawings and diagrams documenting their design process. We teach the students to create a presentation board that can speak for itself if they are not present.

  1. Confidence

We always tell our students to trust their own creativity. We do this to building self-confidence. Nothing sells better that a person who believes in what they are selling. Architects sell architecture and their creativity is design. As stated before, our mission is to introduce architecture and nurture their development in the craft and creativity. In essence, we build confidence in the creative process that will produce the Next Great Architects.

If you are interested in bringing our Next Great Architects charrette to your school, organization, or group contact us at info@nextgreatarchitects.com.