5 Professions That Support Great Architecture

5 Professions That Support Great Architecture

We believe that architecture is the umbrella for ALL things STEM. It is a profession that encompasses an array of disciplines and specialties. We are always communicating to our students that architecture is a collaborative profession. Good architects know how to put a building together. Great architects enlist the support of subject matter experts to ensure the building they design is best for the client, community and environment.

Here are 5 Professions That Support Great Architecture:

  1. Urban Planning

My short explanation to my students is urban planning is architecture from a broader perspective. While architects focus on the design of a space and or building while considering the context of the environment, urban planners focus on the design of the environment. Urban planners decide where to place the parks, bus stops, houses, etc.

  1. Engineering

Engineering is such a comprehensive categorization, because it has many specialties that support great architecture.

There are civil engineers who design the movement of the built environment. That movement could be transportation in the form of railways, roads, bridges and airports, water in the form of canals and dams, or utilities and waste in the form of sewage and pipelines.

Structural engineers work closely with civil engineers and architects to make sure that the built environment does not fail. In a simpler analogy, structural engineers design the bones that support the structures.

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers design the systems that make the architecture function comfortably for the people using the space. You could have a beautiful building, but if you are too hot or too cold, don’t have enough light or the toilets don’t work correctly, the beauty of that building means nothing.

  1. Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture is the design of connecting the built environment to the natural environment. Landscape architects study plants, the art of garden cultivation and how all those things affect people. Their expertise is how buildings merge with nature. Their work can even be therapeutic and begin an experience for people before they enter the building.

  1. Interior Design

Interior design is the creation of an experience by enhancing the aesthetics of the interior space. Colors, textures, furniture selection and placement can take an empty space and turn it into a haven that no one wants to leave.

  1. Construction Administration

Construction Administrators are the liaisons between the designers and the builders. They work closely with the design team and communicate with the construction team to make sure that the intent of the design is carried through in the construction.

There are so many more professions that support great architecture. Next Great Architects understands the importance of all the contributing professions and are diligent with communicating that to the children we reach.  There are some students we have encountered that show a larger interest in one of the mentioned professions, and we love every part of it!

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