5 Reasons I Am Thankful For Next Great Architects

5 Reasons I Am Thankful For Next Great Architects

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving holiday. Next Great Architects has been operating for four years. That is not a long time, but we have accomplished a lot. I would like to share with you all 5 reasons I am thankful for Next Great Architects.

  1. Next Great Architects has experienced tremendous growth.

When I started Next Great Architects, it was hard to pitch the idea of an architectural extracurricular activity to schools. It wasn’t that it was a bad idea, however I didn’t have anything to validate my capability or the success of such a program. Principal Tihesha (Guthrie) Henderson of Arlington Woods Elementary was the first school to open their doors to Next Great Architects. Since our first School in 2015, we have been able to host afterschool programs/charrettes to more than 20 schools, 18 libraries, 5 non-profit organizations, 2 juvenile correctional facilities and one church youth ministry.


  1. Next Great Architects has introduced architecture to over 5,000 children.

Our reach has been made possible by the connections we have made within the community. Many of the children we have introduced architecture to have come from three organizations. We have participated in the Slumber at the Speedway for the Girl Scouts of Central Indiana. Our largest library program is the Character Clubhouse Design workshops with the Indianapolis Marion County Public Library. We have also partnered with Arts for Learning as a teaching artist/ensemble.


  1. Next Great Architects’ Founder, Kionna Walker, has been recognized as one of the 100 Heroes of United Way of Central Indiana.

2018 marked the 100-year anniversary for The United Way of Central Indiana. As part of the celebration, 100 individuals were selected as a 100 Hero for the work they contribute to the community. It was a complete shock to have been nominated to say the least, but to be selected was an overwhelming joy. To see the video and article for this honor, follow the link provided. https://100.uwci.org/100-heroes/2018/1/10/kionna-walker


  1. Next Great Architects has gained the support of its first professional firm, Meticulous Design + Architecture.

Meticulous Design + Architecture is an Indianapolis based architecture firm with offices in Ahu Dhabi of the United Arab Emirates. Meticulous takes pride in doing work that is meaningful, purposeful and impactful. They believe Next Great Architects is all those things and have shown their support for the work we do.


  1. Next Great Architects will be publishing our first children’s book series very soon!

Our mission is to introduce young people to architecture and nurture their development in the craft and creativity. We believe one way to do that is through literature. The first book of the series will be released very soon, so stay tuned! I will give one detail about the book. It is about a little girl who wants to be an architect.

There are more things I am thankful for, but these are the top five. What are your top reasons for being thankful?