5 Reasons We Are Excited About Launching Our First Children’s Book

5 Reasons We Are Excited About Launching Our First Children’s Book

As mentioned before, Next Great Architects will be publishing our first children’s book very soon. We are excited about launching this series for these five reasons…

  1. Representation

The main character of the book is a little black girl who wants to be an architect. Black women account for approximately 0.4% of the architecture population based on the demographic data shown on the NCARB website. Having a character that represents the smallest population could be an avenue for other young girls who fit that description to imagine themselves in this profession. Architecture has had the reputation of being the “Gentleman’s Profession,” and we would like to assist in shifting that narrative.

  1. Inspiration

The series will follow the main character as she navigates through the world as a six-year-old architect. Her imagination has a clean canvas which is the perfect foundation for creativity and design. The reader will begin to experience architecture from a pure perspective and be inspired to use their own imagination.

  1. Education

Each story will introduce children to architecture and focus on an element of the profession. The first story is all about spatial problem solving. Each subsequent title will take one element from architecture and explore it from the perspective of our main character.

  1. Dedication

Our mission is to introduce young people to architecture and nurture their development in the craft and creativity. This children’s book series is another method we are using to make sure we are reaching children everywhere. We are dedicated to making sure the vision of Next Great Architects is fulfilled.

  1. Perspiration

It has taken years of hard work to put this project in motion. Our team has contributed some serious sweat equity into the creation of this children’s book. There is nothing like seeing what you created finally come to fruition. We will forever be grateful for our team!

I’m almost sure of the question that is going through your mind… What is the name of this book, already?! Next Great Architects, LLC is extremely excited to publish our first book….

Jamila Pearl – The Architect Girl®

Stay tuned for the launch date, which is coming soon!