Our First Charrette

In 2015, the first Next Great Architects charrette was a “Design a Lemonade Stand” Program through the Indianapolis Marion County Public Library System to commemorate Lemonade Day. Lemonade Day is an organization that teaches children about entrepreneurship by starting and operating a business, in this case, a lemonade stand. We took the opportunity to join the movement of Lemonade Day and created a workshop that would complement the already successful program. The children had to make a business plan and set goals. Next Great Architects expanded on this idea by teaching the children how to design a stand to fit their business goals. We used model making as our conceptual design tool and encouraged the children to use their creativity by recycling and reusing items that could be considered trash. This small act of being green plants the seed of sustainable architecture that is practiced in the profession. This program was very successful, and it was selected for 18 libraries! Not only that, but it opened the door for other charrettes to be hosted at the Indianapolis Marion Public Library. If you are interested in bringing this charrette to your public library, contact us at info@nextgreatarchitects.com.

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