5 Key Objectives for Our Charrettes

Our mission is to introduce young people to architecture and nurture their development in the craft and creativity. One of the ways we do that is through our charrettes. Our most popular charrette is an eight-session residency of designing a neighborhood. Each student designs a home and the cohort brings all the homes together to … Read more5 Key Objectives for Our Charrettes

5 Professions That Support Great Architecture

We believe that architecture is the umbrella for ALL things STEM. It is a profession that encompasses an array of disciplines and specialties. We are always communicating to our students that architecture is a collaborative profession. Good architects know how to put a building together. Great architects enlist the support of subject matter experts to … Read more5 Professions That Support Great Architecture

Architecture is a Craft

A craft can be defined as an occupation requiring a special skill. The skill of architecture is the ability to solve spatial problems. The specialty of that skill is to do so in an artistic/creative form that is conscience of the science of space and construction. Craft can also be defined as an activity creating … Read moreArchitecture is a Craft